Belo Horizonte

          Since the age of five that I was traveling with my father, having gone several times to Belo Horizonte (the capital of Minas Geraes State, in Brazil), where was the parent company where my father worked, we often stay in Amazonas Palace Hotel (one of the good hotels in Belo Horizonte of that time), located on Avenida Amazonas, just a block from where my father developed his activities. I remember holding his hand as we walked along Avenida Amazonas, he seemed like a giant to me, but was the friendliest and most affectionate giant of the world.

          All these trips, for one reason or another, were etched in my memory, first because I always liked to travel, especially with my parents, second because something always happened. In one of them I got a pedal cart just like my father car (an Hudson) and on the way back my father put the cart in the back seat, facing the front of the car, so I drove the cart the entire trip and it was totally magical.

          Returning from another of these trips, at a time when there was no seat belt and the trips were made on gravel roads, we suffer an accident on a bend in the mountain, at which time I won a nice bump on the head. This trip of the accident was the last I attended with my father, from this occurrence he realized the danger of these trips then leave me at home, which was a real shame.

          In Belo Horizonte we always did the traditional tours that included the Palácio da Liberdade (Freedom Palace), the Station Square, Central Market and the Architectural of Pampulha (which I only saw on my last trip to Belo Horizonte), but the city offers numerous sightseeing options such as the Botanic Gardens and Zoo, the Mining Museum, the Abilio Barreto Historical Museum, the Djalma Guimarães Museum of Mineralogy and many others. To choose which rides you want to do on your visit to Belo Horizonte, visit the BH Guide ( or similar.

          The food, of course, will be a highlight of your trip, because the cuisine of Minas Gerais is famous and appreciated by people from all regions of Brazil and abroad. Choose restaurants that will attend, because the options are numerous, if you don't know a person skilled in the subject get help on the Internet, the site See BH ( restaurants /) shows excellent dining indications.

          In my opinion, the most important and unforgettable tour of Belo Horizonte is the Palácio da Liberdade, with its magnificent staircase, beautiful furniture and manicured garden. Forty minutes guided tours are offered, through which we can know the history of Minas Gerais in its most important moments, people who have spent there do not forget. I remember that Liberty Square, home of the Palace, is beautiful, with bandstand, fountains and gardens in the style of Versailles Palace gardens, a wonderful place to stroll with the family.

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