Caldas Novas

Caldas Novas, in the State of Goias, is the largest hydrothermal resort in the world, the waters spring from its soil at temperatures ranging from 20 to 60 degrees Celsius (thanks to a nearby volcano that still has some heat in its basement). The main income of the city, as it should be, is the tourism, in the high season arrives to receive more than five hundred thousand tourists from Goiás, several states of the country and abroad.

The resort is 160 km from from Goiânia and 297 km from Brasilia and its access is by paved highways coming from all directions. The city has a large network of hotels and shops that cater to the needs of all tourists, selling swimwear to jewelry made with semi-precious stones of the State. There is not a mall or movies, but I believe this is a matter of time because the city has grown at an impressive rate in recent years.

Caldas Novas has major attractions, besides the warm water pools, as PESCAN - State Park of Caldas Novas' Hills and the lake formed by the dam of the Rio Corumbá, both are near the city, its tours and excursions are interesting and enjoyable. Ask at your hotel concierge on tours and city tour (done in a little train), the prices are usually very affordable and the rides are fun.

The network of hotels in the city is considerable but does not include five-star hotels, they range from simple pensions and inns to hotels of three or four stars, but the vast majority of them offer comfort, good food (usually the daily rates are complete) and the main: natural hot water pools at various temperatures, some people prefer hot pools (some go up to 60 degrees) more than others like warm water and most of the hotels offer a water park with at least two or three pools of varying temperatures.

The city also offers bars, restaurants and various nightclubs, my favorite restaurant is Nonna Mia, an Italian restaurant (with two restaurants in Caldas Novas and one in a Hot River), with a international menul. The restaurants in the city are important because =if you do not like the menu of the hotel, toy can always appeal to the restaurants and Caldas have several, from the popular to the most exquisite, including a pizzeria and grill.

A good choice in Caldas, for large families or groups of people is the rent of houses with swimming pools, they are not hard to find (provided you book in advance) and the price is very affordable when all or most of their beds are busy. As a bonus it comes to privacy and freedom to use the pool as you please. Even by making meals at restaurants, the price of the trip can be more affordable is renting a house.

I'm going to Caldas Novas since I can remember, usually once a year, and I love the peaceful surroundings of the city, except in time of carnival, when the city is crowded and vehicles clog the streets. But this season was exciting, the city has a calm and easy transit to make a tour around the city, on foot or by car. The city's shops serve customers with sympathy, so shopping in the city is very nice.

Lupércio Mundim

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