Casablanca, whose name in Arabic is ad-Dhar-al-Bayda, is the largest city in Morocco, on the Atlantic coast of the country, and one of the largest in North Africa, with about 5.5 million inhabitants. It is the largest port and the largest industrial and commercial center of Morocco. The city has a main square, from which radiate several avenues, buildings are generally a French version of the Arab-Andalusian architecture, white with simple lines, being of particular interest to the field of United Nations Plaza, where there are the largest infrastructure -structures.

          The city was completely destroyed by the earthquake of 1755, this time settled in the city many Spanish merchants, it was in this period that the city, whose name was White House became known as Casablanca. The city was occupied by the French in 1907 that promoted their development. During World War II, in January 1943, was the scene of a famous conference between U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

          Casablanca is endowed with an urban highway 22 km serving the city at an east-west axis, as well as a highway that bypasses (the Périphérique Casablanca, or A5) with 33.5 km and the league the three main roads of Morocco: the motorways A3 (Casablanca-Rabat), A6 (Casablanca-El Jadida) and A7 (Casablanca-Marrakech). The city is the most important road junction of Morocco.

          The beautiful Mosque Hassan II, who appears in the photo above is one of the attractions of Casablanca is the largest mosque in Morocco and the third most important of the Islamic religion, and this is the only mosque in the world that allows the entry of non-Muslims, because this allows to explain the Muslim faith for people of other religions. It's a great opportunity to meet the splendor of Arabian architecture, with all its rich detail.

          El Maarif is a business district of Casablanca, where there are shops and designer boutiques, besides the known twin towers, called Twin Center. In this neighborhood are also prestigious cafes and restaurants, and the best place to Casablanca to stroll, shop and have a coffee or a meal. El Maarif was once considered a dangerous place where crimes happen a lot, but today is one of the neighborhoods most popular with tourists, when they want to shop or simply stroll looking storefronts.

          The Casablanca Technopark is Morocco's first industrial park, dedicated to the development of information technology in Morocco, and his specialty is the creation of software companies. Currently the Technopark hosts over one hundred and thirty companies and carries out important events and trainings that help to achieve the objectives proposed by the park. One place worth visiting if you have time to spare.

          Another interesting place in Casablanca is the Sacred Heart Cathedral, or simply Cathedral Casablanca, is a former Moroccan Catholic cathedral. Built in 1930 and designed by Paul Tournon in neo-Gothic style, has failed to render services as a church in 1956, after the independence of Morocco, being converted into a cultural center. The headquarters of the diocese moved to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes Tangier.

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