The charms of Cassis

          Cassis is a small port of fishermen that is located to 9 miles of the east of Marseille, France. The city has a regular sketch because was reconstructed over his ruins in the XVIII century, but is very old. The first record about the city is of the Roman Antonin, dated of 1323, where is evident the name "Carsicis Portus", but were found records of persons living in the localities there are 27,000 years.

          The first thing that calls the attention in Cassis is a pretty castle of 1381 installed in the high of a promontory of limestone, is the Chateau de la Maison des Bâux, that dominates the entrance of the port and beautifies the city. But Cassis, that in French signifies mulberry, has others charms, healthy their famous Calanques, narrow inlets between high and white rocks of crystalline waters and of a pretty tone of blue.

          The port, always filled of small boats, possessed a rectangular format and is surrounded by a pavement where are installed many coffee shops and restaurants with his colorful awnings and little tables in the sidewalk. A walk by the proximities of the port will reveal buildings of the XVI century, old fountains and a market of artists in open sky. In the pavement of the port happen small musicals shows, specially of jazz.

          The wine began it to be produced in Cassis around the year 600 Before Christ, the region produces red, white and rosê wine, being the blank the most famous. The quality of the wines passed to be rigorously controlled since 1936. A big advantage of Cassis is that she did not grow like other more famous cities of the French Riviera, as Saint-Tropez and Cannes, in Cassis you still can enjoy of a tranquil walk and without so much exploitation.

          The Calanques were created by rivers flowing for the sea, there are eternities submergeds by the ascending level of the mediterranean sea, they are found in the coast between Cassis and Marseille, more near to Cassis. The long and narrow entrances in the impressive healthy high and white stones, many of them with a small port or beach in the end. His accesses can be deeds of boat, by car and to on foot.

          During all day long leave boats from Cassis leading tourists for visit the Calanques, the tour delays around two hours and can be visited from three to eight Calanques, go to Cassis and do not do this tour is like go to Rome and do not see the Pope, the price is reasonable but did not include stops for dives in the pretty sea of Cassis.

Lupércio Mundim

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Legends of the Pictures:

Photo 01 – The port of Cassis with his coffees and restaurants;
Photo 02 –
Plage de la Grande Mer, the beach beside the port;
Photo 03 – The port and the castle, Chateau de la Maison des Baux;
Photo 04 – White Rocks of limestone, that are common in the region;
Photo 05 – Entrance of the Calanque D' en Vau, one of the pretiest;
Photo 06 – Calanque D' en Vau, with its incredible landmark;
Photo 07 – Divers visit submerged cavern;
Photo 08 – Rock known as Finger of God in the Calanque D' en Vau;
Photo 09 – Bathers over a stone in a Calanque;
Photo 10 – One of the most visited Calanques of Cassis;
Photo 11 – Cassis and his clear blue sea in the exit of the port;
Photo 12 – One of the beaches near to the port of Cassis;

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