The city of Chioggia is located in the province of Venice, Italy, and is divided into two parts, Chioggia and Sottomarina. Chioggia is a part of town that is located on land and Sottomarina (shown on some maps as Chioggia Sottomarina) is a kind of island, formed by the Adriatic Sea, Venice Lagoon and the Brenta River. Sottomarina also has some channels of great poetic beauty, but its biggest advantage, besides the beautiful beaches and waterways, is offering hosting with easy access and reasonable prices to anyone visiting Venice.

          Venice is one of the most beautiful and magical cities of the planet, but the access to the city is very complex, it is necessary to leave the car in the dry part (without channels) of the city and take a vaporetto (boat-bus) to the hotel where we will staying withal it takes to walk from the vaporetto point to the hotel, carrying suitcases and bags by narrow alleys and bridges filled with people at any time of day. Therefore I decided to stay in Chioggia, the trip between Chioggia and Venice (by bus or boat) only lasts a few minutes and we are not required to be carrying our luggage from the car to the hotel, besides the price of hotels in Chioggia are much better.

          We enter in Chioggia by Via Montalbano, which crosses part of the Venice Lagoon on a large bridge and soon found our hotel at Via Marco Polo, who is just three blocks from its beautiful beach on the Adriatic Sea. Checked into our hotel, we left our luggage in the apartment and went out for a walk on the Lungomare Adriatic, an avenue by the sea, not very extensive, bordering the beautiful beach of the city.

          The next day we took the boat to spend the day in Venice, a day that I will never forget, after all was returning to Venice forty-one years after my first visit to the city. We walked all day, walking its narrow streets, bridges, churches and museums, and in the late afternoon we return to Chioggia tired, but very happy and carrying about three hundred pictures we took during that magnificent tour.

          The next day we were lounging on the beach, beaches in Europe are different from ours, there goers usually have the option of staying in a private area where there are tables, chairs and sun loungers which are served by waiters, or may be in a free area, where every comfort should be taken from home. We chose the private beach why not take even a chair to sit and here in Brazil I'd choose this practice, because it would not have to worry about taking chairs and umbrellas for the beach.

          In the afternoon we strolled across Sottomarina, including the Cartieri Island, where are some very interesting historic buildings, and went to the post office to send the postcards we bought in the two beautiful cities we visited, the next day after we would leave Chioggia bound to Verona, because no poet can visit Italy and not go through the House of Juliet Capuleti, a character from the famous novel by William Shakespeare.

Lupércio Mundim

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