Cidade Mágica

Magic City

Starting with its name, which means between rivers and it's magic, this city is 100% magic, a beautiful town in the countryside (Goiás State), where I spent my childhood and youth, I find my paradise homeland. Its magic comes from its natural charms, its clean and well paved streets, its people orderly and friendly greeting to the strangers he meets on the streets, comes from its flowers and trees from its fields and rivers, of all the wonderful qualities and peculiarities which we call, magical, Ipameri!

Some people might consider reading this article that I'm exaggerating, but I'm not loving with limits, or I absolutely love a person or thing or I just do not love it! Ipameri, as it would be, I love unconditionally, without limitations. I love its before peaceful streets, not so much now, I love its people, simple and sincere, I love its cathedral, where I was baptized and was an altar boy, I love its train station, where so many times I said goodbye and waited for someone, I love its hills and alleys , where the boy that I was already running and playing, I love the buildings in Art Deco style, which so beautify the city, I love everything that can refer to Ipameri.

Ipameri is a vibrant city, but still maintains that calm of the inner city, a place where everybody knows everybody, where we hear phrases like: "You are a child of whom? From Antonio of the bakery? I am a good friend of your father!" There everyone is friends of everyone and in these my sixty-five years of life I never did a Ipameri enmity. Have fought as a young man (who did not fight when young?) But never kept a problem with anyone in that city.

For me the magic of Ipameri has a name: Tico. Tico was the surname of my maternal grandfather, a person endowed with great kindness, who taught me to love Ipameri, and has taught me to be a happy boy, school attended by the valuable contributions of my dear parents and uncles, and my dear grandmother, Zita, who was a very strict, but loving to give to her restless grandchildren, who loved ready the day.

So I grew up (not so much, I'm short) learning to love this city and all that it has magical as the Smoke Mary (locomotive), I listened from my bed room, while she walked the trails of Ipameri, making noise at each junction, and releasing vapors into the station; wondered if it was a freight or passenger train, and where it was going, to Goiania or to Araguari. The train is moving away to the south, then it is going to Araguari. Cool!

It is magical the Freedom Square, where I spent so many decades, first as a boy, playing, running and skating, then as a teenager, walking and dating, and later as an adult, walking with my wife and children and finally as elderly, admiring the trees and remembering the past. It is magical the Vai-Vem Stream where, as a boy, I swim naked and where me and my friends played explorers, traversing its shores and forests of amazing expeditions that always ended in the kitchen of my grandmother Zita.

It is also magical Beth Costa, my childhood friend who, with her immense love for the city, taught me to love Ipameri and made the request to the City Council that I received, in December 2004, the title of Citizen of Ipameri, a joy unforgettable for me and my family. Beth it's not just magic, it's a very talented and special friend who has written several books and held in various areas, as a writer, poet and artist.

Until the nostalgia that I feel from Ipameri and my childhood and youth is magic because it is not missed those that hurt, is the kind of longing that cheers, that brings good memories, that makes me realize how happy was my life in that earthly paradise. I think of Ipameri and my family as gifts of God, I believe He wanted to break my life and gave me a wonderful family in a magical city. What else could it be?

And the act of writing about Ipameri, in prose or poetry, is just a way of thanking God for having given so much. I was not born in Ipameri, but in Taubate, Sao Paulo State, however the title of Citizen of Ipameri was all that was missing, now I can say proudly that I am from ipameri, I am a citizen of the most magical and beautiful city in the countryside of Brazil. Now I can say finally that I am completely happy!

Lupércio Mundim

Poetic Soul Counters