The first time I was in Manaus, in the eighties, did not suffer much from the heat because it was winter, in this my last visit in February 2011, it was summer and the heat was really unbearable, walk the streets of the capital of the Amazonas State with such Heat is an act of bravery and human endurance that I costs to be borne, but the city has so many attractions that I forgot a little the heat to enjoy the trip.

          This time the trip was very enjoyable because I was in company with my son and daughter-in-law and I did not, like the other time, stay in a hotel but at the family Rocha home, my old friends from Goiânia, who received us with great joy, despite the work and expense that we certainly give, but go to Manaus and not be with Neide would be like going to Paris and not leave the hotel, would have no grace, we were colleagues for several years and I wanted review it too, like her husband Altair and their children Hudson and Gabriela, who had not seen in years.

          The tour began with a stroke of luck, which is a great sign, on the first day we visited the Opera House and were told by the guide that would happen that night a special concert for free with a great pianist from Europe. I was tired of our city tour, but gave up the concert and my courage was fully rewarded, the concert was beautiful and the pianist was really excellent.

          I found it very interesting the natural ventilation system created the the Teatro Amazonas, in warmer weather people could feel comfortable in the theater with an ingenious system of natural ventilation (for it raised the land on which the theater would be built), who led the wind of the region directly under the seats for the audience. Today the Opera House has a central air conditioning system that allows that will see the shows with great comfort, but at the time the theater was built it was not possible.

          In the following days we made several trips to places like the beautiful beach of Ponta Negra, the meeting of waters, INPA, zoo fo the SIGS and many others, including a boat trip with lunch included it took practically all day, from the Hotel Tropical, and that was great. But the highlight of the trip was not no walk, was a barbecue at the home of Neide to which the family Rocha attended weight and tonight we taste the best of the BBQ, washed down with cold beer and a night that was worth the whole trip.

          The week passed quickly with so many rides and came the day we left, I said goodbye to my friends at the airport of Manaus with a cold draft beer, boarded the plane and take off, I could see the bridge over the Rio Negro and the meeting of waters, when we passed several times on our tours. The clouds covered Manaus and its great rivers, I closed my eyes and said a prayer of thanks to the Rocha family. Gratitude is one of the main signs of someone who has character and I will never forget the friendship and affection we received in Manaus.

Lupércio Mundim

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