Upon entering Marseilles, especially near the Vieux Port (Old Port), one has the impression of being in a chaotic city, due to the confusion caused by the large influx of people and vehicles but Marseille, the third largest city in France with over 1.3 million people, and is a quiet town with many tourist attractions.

          Speaking of Vieux Port, is there that should start any tour of Marseille, as around him are many of its attractions such as the Old Port itself, the Marseille Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe and the beach of the Prophet. In the harbor there are boats that take you around the Calanques of Marseille, is a tour not to be missed.

          The Calanques are coves carved in white limestone rocks and have an amazing transparency, a blue waters are very beautiful and perfect for swimming and diving. The boats visit four to ten Calanques, I recommend the ride longer, is more expensive but it sure will be even more appreciated.

          After this tour of the Old Port area is time to climb the highest point in the city (162 meters) and meet the beautiful Basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde, an impressive neo-Byzantine cathedral built between 1853 and 1864 on the ruins of a XIII century chapel dedicated to the same saint. The building is a mix of church and fortress with drawbridge and towers with loopholes.

          Visitors to, and knowledge of the beautiful cathedral of Italian marble, have an impressive view of the entire Marseille, with several observation points around the building. The best thing about this ride is that visitors can drive to the parking lot at the church door and not knowing its grand staircase of white stone.

          Founded by the Greeks about 2,600 years ago and with strong influence of Neapolitan immigrants who brought their dish, pizza, Marseille is a cosmopolitan city with a night as busy as the one in Paris, but more democratic. Who likes the night Marseillaise says that anyone can attend any bar, restaurant, club or disco in town, no problems.

          The Feast of Suds, which occurs on the docks of Suds in late October (, is a festival of art and music that reflects the rich multicultural heritage of the city. The Festival of Marseille (, which occurs in July, is a showcase of international music, dance, theater and cinema.

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Photo 01 - Vieux Port with the Fort St. Nicholas Cathedral and Marseille.
Photo 02 - Entrance to the Vieux Port docks.
Photo 03 - Detail of the Cathedral of Marseille.
Photo 04 - The Vieux Port, its fish market and hundreds of boats.
Photo 05 - A large sailboat moored in the Vieux Port.
Photo 06 - Sea near Marseille.
Photo 07 - Steps from Notre Dame de la Garde.
Photo 08 - The Vieux Port seen from Notre Dame de la Garde.
Photo 09 - The city view from Notre Dame de la Garde.
Photo 10 - The town near the Vieux Port.
Photo 11 - Detail of the sea seen from Notre Dame de la Garde.
Photo 12 - Our Lady Jesus sheltering in Notre Dame de la Garde.

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