I visited the beautiful city of Natal in my 1972 holiday tour through the capitals of the Northeast of Brazil, since then I've been following its development through news and documentaries and I have seen how the city has evolved and grown. My first memory of Natal was the arrival driving to Praia do Meio, with the vision of the International Hotel of the Magi, where I stayed, and the impressive fortress of the Magi over on the waves. Resting amidst so beautiful and peaceful landscape was a real delight.

            On my first ride I know the neighborhood of the Upper Town, where Natal was founded in 1599 and where I could see remaining colonial houses and some churches and monuments. In the afternoon I went to the places of most interest to me at the time, who were the famous beaches of Ponta Negra and of Morro do Careca. In the seventies was the Ponta Negra beach the most frequented in Natal and enjoyed the ride on their soft sands.

            I did not make the dune buggy ride of the city for lack of company and still regret it, could have gone alone or even ally myself to some more lone tourist to take the tour, must be very beautiful and exciting. When I return to Natal I will jump on the dunes in one of those shiny buggies, must be very good, I always had the love of cars and speed in my blood.

            The next day I went to the Fortaleza dos Reis Magos, which is beautiful, an amazing place for photos, unfortunately at that time I don't still carrying my camera in my pocket at all travels, as I do now. Moreover, because of the reefs, the beach of the fortress has many natural pools and an amazing place to swim. I just think that the place was a little abandoned, considering its historical significance and natural beauty.

            Then I went to the famous and beautiful beach of Genipabu, where I could walk and swim in it's calm waters, a quiet place at the time that brightened my day. Genipabu seemed to me the most beautiful Christmas landscape with its dunes, dune buggy rides, great restaurants and bars, a place which in the seventies was still not much explored as it should be now, yet it is one of the most beautiful places of our country.

            The week I stayed in Natal I saw yet amazing attractions like the beaches of Camurupim, Elbow and Punaú Bar, a city with so many beauties that I can't believe that I return from there without a single photo, unforgivable distraction on my part that never was repeated in my travels throughout Brazil and abroad.

            On my last day in town I walked and swam again in Praia do Meio and I know another lovely resort that is Pitangui Lagoon, with beautiful places with tables and chairs in the water that look like the Caribbean. Upon entering the car to return home, in Goiânia, I felt a certain sadness to leave this beautiful landscape, but made ​​the silent promise to return one day, perhaps now in the wonderful company of my sons, daughter-in-law and son-in-law.

Lupércio Mundim

Photo: Jornal O Girassol

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