Pacibela is an imaginary city, I created one day, when I dreamed of a place to live with my family. The name Pacibela, of course, arose from the union of the words peaceful and beautiful (in portuguese), a beautiful city where its inhabitants live in peace. This is an utopia? Something impossible to accomplish? Maybe, but my heart skips the bars limits of reality, it just wants a place where my children and grandchildren can live their lives peacefully. Only this.

And how would Pacibela? Nothing extraordinary, a medium sized city that was well planned and does not foresee the current needs, but future, built on a flat area with many parks and lakes so that the temperature is mild. A city where the birds sing in their forests undisturbed by the noise of the city, Pacibela is a city much quieter than the other cities of Brazil.

The most important in Pacibela, after his careful planning, was the creation of strict laws to punish exemplarily any kind of abuse, that made it peaceful. One of the laws states that the streets are not parking, are for vehicle and pedestrians traffic. To build any type of building is mandatory to create a parking lot more than sufficient to meet the parking needs of that building, whether private, commercial or industrial. For that the Pacibela traffic flows so smoothly, without jams.

Despite Pacibela be an open city without walls, there are no thefts or crimes and this does not happen for one reason: not worth it! All convictions are for forced labor in total confinement and maximum safety, there is no relaxation of pity or pardon for Christmas, the convict is only free after serving his sentence in full and this penalty is substantially increased in case of bad compose or attempted escape . The forced labor (at least eight hours a day) are used to pay expenses of the inmates in prison.

In Pacibela laws are strict Quaker and murder is punished with the death penalty, the locals drive carefully because the penalty for any serious offense is the loss of license for a period of at least five years. Therefore you do not see cars speeding or sticking the sign, the rule of law is a basic requirement for the enjoyment of freedom in the city. So everything became still and silent, we hear the birds singing in the trees and people began to show smiles in their faces and greet passersby. The city was becoming every day more civilized, more happy, until it reaches a level never before seen in the country and win the name Pacibela.

Pacibela's government is democratic and open, all accounts are shown to a council formed by the people of the city, a politician can ever get elected to any post if his account (or behavior) be disapproved by the majority of the population. Thus, as the best path to success is to be correct, the government invests heavily in education and the city offers free to its students the best schools and universities in the country. The result of this investment come quickly because the schools do not only make excellent professionals as good citizens, persons responsible and aware of their rights and duties.

The best was that the rest of the country to see the fantastic quality of life that was offered in Pacibela, began to adopt the same laws and measures and that turned it into a world power, not a military or industrial, but a power of law and order, peace and respect, equality and freedom, a happy ending power of becoming an economic power, because where there are laws and respect, planning and action, there are growth and profit. There is no better place in the world to live than the peaceful and beautiful Pacibelal!

Lupércio Mundim

Poetic Soul Counters