Park of the Birds

          Located in the city of Villars-les-Dombes, that is near Lyon, France, the Parc of Oiseaux (, or Park of the Birds, is a pretty and huge estate with several native forests and lakes where were united birds of all of the continents that there are created in liberty, a lot more than a park is a showcase of the animal life of the planet, preserved and maintained by the tourists and visiting.

          What first impresses who enter in the park is to perceive that the birds fly in total liberty and don't fear the persons because they are accustomed to onlyly be observed and photographed and never disturbed. The only birds that are not free are those that, because are predators, offer risk to the other species or those that, because are very fragile or in risk of extinction, are going to be protected and stayed in huge nurseries where the visitors enter to admire-them, taking care for not disturbs-them.

          Each bird maintained in nursery is identified with a plate where we can see its popular name, its scientific name, its country of origin and the flag of its country of origin. The quantity of Brazilian flags present there give us an idea of the importance of the fauna of our country regarding the other countries of the world, healthy parakeets, parrots, toucans and so many others that I neither would know to say.

          The majority of the birds, be of small or big size, approaches-itself of the visitors without show the suspicion that normally they show, in the end of my walk a pelican approached of me with calm and gazed me with his candies eyes by several seconds and was necessary contain me, such was the will of do him a caress.

          Beyond birds the park presents several other species of animals, some natives of the region as the pleasant squirrels and others coming of very distant like the kangaroos. It is a walk for an entire day, the park offers comforts as a little train that traverses his central part, shop of souvenirs, restaurant with a marvelous sight and some snack bars inserted in the area of the park.

          All the information about the operation of the park can be obtained in his official site ( and for who is lodged in Lyon the park stayed to around twenty minutes of the city in tarred highway. The digital photographic cameras are indispensable equipment in this walk that adult and infants will never forget.

Lupércio Mundim

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