We entered in Reims, the capital of the Champagne region in France, where are produced the best champagnes in the world, by Libergier Avenue, a wide boulevard with parking on both sides, and far sighted the magnificent cathedral of Notre Dame de Reims (photo above), with its arcades and imposing towers, with lines reminiscent of Notre Dame de Paris, the most beautiful of French cathedrals.

          Reims is just 129 kilometers northeast of Paris, in the region known as Champagne-Ardenne, was in this city that were crowned all the kings of France, very few cities have that status. Since the beginning of the colonization of the Roman Empire, Reims was known for manufacturing some of the finest wines of Europe, managed global prominence with the accidental discovery and manufacturing of the Champagne, a sparkling wine that is enjoyed worldwide.

          In this city we find from small shops to huge champagne manufacturers cellars where the precious drink can be sampled and purchased for prices that vary according to the quality and refinement of the product, there are champagnes for all pockets and tastes.

          The region where are the city of Reims, once belonged to Belgium, before the Roman colonization, which began in the year 57 BC. There are very beautiful and impressive buildings such as the cathedrals of Notre Dame and Saint Remy, Tau Palace, the City Hall, Chateau Pommery and Chateau de Conde.

          After visiting its most popular attractions we went to the historic center of Reims, with streets reserved for pedestrians only, where are found the main cafes, restaurants and shops in town. Nobody can not visit Reims without knowing this most noble and beautiful area, which includes fountains, palaces and museums.

          Another must visit is the Cathedral of Saint Remy, the patron saint of the kings of France and now also serves as the city's historical museum. At his side is the Palace of Tau, one episcopal palace that housed the kings of France during their coronations, these costly events were funded by the bourgeois of the city.

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