I arrived in Ubatuba in one more of the animated tours of the association of employees of the company I worked for 25 years before retiring. It was October 24, 2008 and the weather was rainy, then I remembered a friend who told me before the start of the trip, which was the nickname of Ubatuba is Ubarain because it rained the whole time. I was afraid, because I love to take photos, but the in the following day the sun came out and we had an excellent trip.

          All our tours were very organized, extremely fun and with very reasonable prices, to be accessible to all of our colleagues. This trip was no different, the hotel (Hotel Coquille) is very good, near the beach, and the restaurants that were in the program were all very good. The best part is not having to worry about money, because everything is included in the tour price, which is always nice and relaxing.

          I really enjoyed the Praia Grande, where we stayed most of the time, swimming and chatting in sand, accompanied by a refreshing can of beer. I took dozens of photos, especially surfers, because I spent my youth in Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro, and though never surfer, lived among the surfers, diving, catching alligator (no surf board) and picking up seafood to our delicious lunch at the beach.

          To the north, toward Parati (who vai the Ubatuba should get to know Parati), good waves and beaches Itamambuca Felix attracts many surfers, since the Beaches Prumirim Almada and are practically deserted. Near Caraguatatuba, the South, the tranquil beaches of the Bay Domingas Dias and are frequented by families, while Praia Grande and Praia do Tenorio disputadíssimas have strips of sand. The city still has more waterfalls, islands for diving - as Anchieta and sprouts - and many trails, making the state capital of surfing in free territory for fans of various sports.

          Along the Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar is trekking options that run through deserted beaches, cliffs, rivers and ruined farms, always involved the Atlantic. The isolated places, however, can also be explored on boat tours on the boats or the natives. In high season and long weekends in the nightlife lively Ubatuba awake and not ending anytime soon. Nearby beaches of Itaguá and Cruise, downtown, bars and nightclubs invest in diverse musical styles. In the same region are concentrated restaurants seafood and international cuisine. The highlight of the menus, however, is a recipe caiçara: the fish with banana, dubbed Blue Marine.

          Highest waterfall in the area, White Water is 120 meters. As is very clear, is nominated for an invigorating shower after heavy walk six hours to reach it. It is crucial to have the accompaniment of a guide, since the area is full of trails that lead to other destinations. Along the way are the cascades as Correa, Ze, from Renata. A fantastic tour for anyone who is in shape.

Lupércio Mundim

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