Travel is to live

          I've always loved traveling, I made my first trip with thirty days old, were I trip nearly a thousand kilometers of railroad train, an adventure more than enough to serve as the opening story of a lifetime. The job of my father forced him to make many trips and he loved to take me along (when my mother could not accompany him), I loved these trips because I was traveling with my old man, who was a great father, happy and playful.

          So I traveled all my life and travel awake, planning new trips, as well as travel sleeping, dreaming of new and old destinations. But the best part of any trip is when we return to that little corner we call home, is great unpacking, back to the old routine and stay caressing the memory of a beautiful journey. The best part is seeing the photos and be reminded of every place we passed.

          I like to go back to beautiful places like Paris, where I've been four times, and I love to visit magical places like Ipameri, where I've been dozens of times, but what I like most is to see new places, walking through a strange city, discovering its charms, its attractions, not sure what awaits me at the next corner. Do not know if it's mania for tourist or explorer, but this is what I like best in each of my trips.

          As regards tourism'm eclectic, I like everything from a small village in one street, with its train station until a metropolis like São Paulo or New York, if you are walking and photographing'll be happy. In hindsight, I think like most small towns and medium-sized cities, as in a big city has a lot of noise, a lot of people on the streets and I have a fear of getting lost and not finding more my son and daughter (who follow me) or even the hotel where I am staying. It's nonsense, of course, but each with their phobias ...

          An important factor for me is the history of the place, walking in London, despite being one of the great cities of the world, it was wonderful, because everything here has a meaning, importance, as marking the great fire of 1666, which started in the oven a bakery, lasted three days and burned a third of the city. Can someone pass by without realizing what it is, you need a good guide printed or attention of the visitor.

          On a trip ourselves off from all that stress us out normally, as bills, debts, commitments and schedules. Therefore traveling is so relaxing, especially the kind of travel I do, without much commitment as the excursions. I wake up when I want and take in a museum you want, just need to define what we'll see considering the time available. What you can not see is for an upcoming trip.

          Therefore I say that travel is to live, because I never feel so happy and relaxed than when I'm traveling, especially if this trip is abroad, my favorite trips. I like traveling in Brazil, especially in beach cities, but nothing cheers me up more than a getaway out of our South American continent. When traveling in the company of my son and daughter in law even better, because they are wonderful people, patient and affectionate with an old man like me, who can no longer walk very fast or for very long.

Lupércio Mundim

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